Case Study: How We Send 10,000 Cold Emails Per Day & Grew a New Business to $1 Million ARR in 3 Months

Full Funnel Case Study
  • ​+ Technical Email Setup
  • + All our cold email scripts
  • + Recordings of sales calls
  • + ​Full conversations with prospects
  • ​Basically, you can copy our whole funnel
The Case Study
  • Campaign Results (Calls Booked, Revenue Generated, ROI)
  • How we scrape the email addresses & leads

Five Reasons You Should Download This Case Study:

1. Improve your lead generation overnight, using lessons we've learned from sending millions of emails

2. Save hundreds of hours of testing by simply copying what already worked

3. Stop having to worry about where your next client will come from

4. Become more confident in your marketing by being exposed to a campaign that worked monumentally well

5. Sign more clients, way faster

Here's a screenshot of our MRR going from $0 to $108,900/mo in 90 days:
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